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Randy Ingremanson is an author who developed a simple method of writing a research paper. Randy was involved in the architecture of complex scientific projects and, like many authors, experienced serious anguish when developing the plots of his own books: it took an extremely long time to prepare for writing. But the American decided to use a combination of creative and scientific approaches in his work. So a new method, quite popular among writers, was formed.

This method was called "snowflake" and found a lot of feedback not only in the scientific world, but also in the literary world, which shows its undoubted effectiveness.

The main idea of the "snowflake" is to highlight the main idea, problem, logline or theme. Then form the guiding rays: the so-called framework of the future work and gradually made additions (small rays).

The basis for the future work, as well as for "snowflake" will be selected, agreed and approved by the topic of the thesis. If there are difficulties with its formulation, it is worth asking for help from the supervisor. Usually experienced mentors help with the choice of the problem, the required research.

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